• Commercial hot water boiler

    For smaller heat load demand. Condensing hot water boiler c/w stainless heat exchanger features high efficiency of 105% above. Capacity for single unit ranges from 60Kw to 1050Kw. Flexibly cascaded up to 4200Kw. Remarkably small footprint, good for tight space.  Applicable for domestic heating, swimming pools, inns, gym, fitness centers, hotels, district heating etc.

    Horizontal gas fired steam boilers

    DEVOTION Horizontal gas fueled steam boiler, wet back, three pass design. Fire tube, packaged boiler. For medium to large steam or heat process demand.  Capacity ranges from 500 kg to 20000kg per hour with working pressure optional from 0.4, 0.7, 1.0,1.25,1.6, 2.45 Mpa . Match all renowned burners in the world. With economizer installed, 15% fuel can be saved.

    Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boilers

    DEVOTION Horizontal oil fired steam boiler is of classic wet back, wet back, three pass design. Fire tube boiler, delivered packaged. Fired by heavy oil or light oil. For medium to large steam or heat process demand. Capacity ranges from 500 kg to 20000kg per hour with working pressure optional from 0.4, 0.7, 1.0,1.25,1.6, 2.45 Mpa . Match all renowned burners in the world. Customer tailored designed is available.

    Vertical Steam Boiler

    Available with natural gas, heavy oil or diesel oil, LPG. Water tube boiler, packaged steam boiler. In contrast to horizontal steam boilers, vertical steam boiler features small foot print, good for tight space. For smaller steam or heat process demand. Quick start up. Easy to install. Capacity ranges from 300kg to 2000 kgs per hour.

    Water tube steam or hot water boilers

    For large steam or heat process demand exceeding 10000 kg per hour. Working pressure available from 1.0 to 2.5Mpa and customer tailor design is available. Water tube boiler. Double drums D type Boiler. Big steam and water space, strong adaptability to load. No insulation needed for furnace wall, easy to install. Fully automatic controller, c/w renowned burners featuring long service life, superior quality and simple operation.

    CWNS Horizontal and CLHS Vertical Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers

    DEVOTION Directly heated hot water boiler. Automatic controller. Vertical gas fired hot water boilers range from 116 to 233 Kw. 350Kw boiler can be made vertical or horizontal. Boiler over 350Kw are horizontal type. Mostly applied for space heating through radiators. The outlet temperature is 90 ℃. Vertical gas fired hot water boilers can directly deliver domestic hot water.

    WNS series Gas fired pressurized hot water boilers

    DEVOTION Gas Fired Pressurized Hot Water Boilers is of mature construction of three pass, fire-tube design. The capacity ranges from 0.35WM to 14WM. The temperature is 95/70. The boilers are widely used in industrial sector. A condenser is optional which can save 12% fuel, and decrease noise by 20-30dB.

    WDR Series Directed heated electric Hot water boilers

    DEVOTION Directed heated electric hot water boilers can work under 1.6Mpa, easy to install and operate. Capacity ranges from 233Kw to 2800Kw. Applicable for space heating, continuous hygienic hot water.  C/w PLC control system, automatically adjust the temperature.  High efficiency up to 99%.

    WDR Series Electric Hot Water Boiler

    DEVOTION Electric Hot Water Boiler is the most advanced modual type electric hot water boiler. Easy to install and clean is the most feature also high efficiency ( can be up to 99%).

    ZWNS seriesVaccum hot water boilers

    DEVOTION vacuum hot water boiler consists of two parts: the evaporation zone and the heat exchanger. The evaporation zone is of three-pass shell boiler structure; the upper part is a steam-water heat exchanger. When the vacuum hot water boiler is running, the vacuum pump is used to pump the boiler first, so that the internal pressure of the boiler is in a state of vacuum negative pressure, and the air inside the boiler is exhausted by thermal discharge.

    The boiler body is running with negative pressure, no risk of overpressure explosion. The built-in copper pressurized heat exchanger ensures clean water delivery and effective space heating and hot water supply for high rise building.

    SZS Series Saturated Hot Water Boilers

    DEVOTION Automatic Gas or Oil fired Water Tube Saturated Hot Water Boiler,  with capacity ranges from 14MW-70MW, Membrane-cooling wall, fully sealing structure, no air leakage, better combustion, no insulation for furnaces wall is needed and less weight.

    Outdoor Hot Water Boilers

    Condensing Hot Water Boilers, feed water system, water cycle system and water treatment system are pre-assembled and installed in a ready-to-go boiler room, a specially designed container.

    The boiler room can be moved around at site and ready to put into operation by simply connected to power, water and gas. No civil works for boiler is needed.

    It can be either put on top of building or outdoors. It is rain-proof and anti-frost.

    WNS Integral gas or oil fire tube condensing steam boiler

    DEVOTION Condensing Steam Boiler, fire tube boiler applies condenser heat recovery technology to thoroughly recover and reuse energy in the flue gas. As a result, exhausted flue temperature is remarkably reduced and thus achieves high-efficiency and low-pollution emission.

    Rated capacity: 500kg to 20,000 kgs/h

    Fuel: light diesel, heavy oil, natural gas,city gas

    Heat efficiency: >100%

    WNS Condensing pressurized hot water boiler

    Devotion Condensing pressurized hot water boiler has 6-8% higher efficiency than regular hot water boilers, availing three-pass structure and integrated with separate economizer, are specially designed for central heating, and extensively applied on industrial, commercial and civil heating projects.

    Rated output: 1.4MW-14MW

    Rated water pressure: 0.7, 1.0, 1.25, 1.6, 2.0 Mpa

    ZWNS Integral Condensing Vacuum Boilers

    Devotion Condensing Vacuum Boilers, integral, compact, three-pass structured. C/w built-in economizer. Heat efficiency exceeds 96%.

    WNS Condensing atmospheric hot water boilers

    Devotion Integral Condensing Hot Water Atmospheric Boilers are three-pass and full wet back structured c/w economizer. The boiler features compact structure, high heat efficiency above 96%. They are widely applied on commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals and used for heating and sanitary hot water to schools.

    Industrial autoclaves

    The autoclave is large steam curing equipment. It can be used for steam curing sand bricks, fly ash bricks, aerated concrete blocks, high strength cement electric pole, concrete piles and other cement products. Besides, it can also be used for wood, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, laminated glass, composite materials and fishing net processing industries. DEVOTION AAC autoclaves are sold to all over the world, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. We can made the autoclave with diameter up to 5 meter, the largest autoclave in China.  

    Hydraulic hoop clamping type autoclave

    The hydraulic hoop clamping type autoclaves applies hydraulic, electric door opening/closing system. Both of them can be side opened or open from the top, full automatic for 2.85-5m diameter autoclave, the performance is of international advanced level.

    Autoclaves for glass industry

    Glass Autoclave is used to autoclave laminated glass made by film method. The Glass Autoclave is the critical equipment in glass intensive processing industry which making conventional laminated glass, or high resistant penetration laminated glass, for automobile industries, aerospace industry and architectural decoration industry.  

    Vacuum timber dryer

    DEVOTION Vacuum Timber Dryer is heated by forced circulation system under normal pressure, vacuum dewatering technique guarantees the drying speed of wood is fast even under low temperature while ensuring the drying quality and natural color.

    Autoclaves for making fishing net

    The Fishing Net Autoclaves carries out heat treatment for large and medium-size fishing nets by fixing the two ends of fishing net on net rack. Each filament and its knot will be affected by stress under certain temperature and pressure to achieve permanent deformation. This equipment is the key equipment in fishing nets and other nets manufacturing industries.

    Finned tubes economizer

    Devotion patented economizer is designed specially for Gas or Oil Fired Steam or Hot Water Boilers. It is installed after flue exhaust to heat feed water, or recycled water with waste heat contained in the flue. This can reduce exhaust flue temperature and improve heat efficiency.

    Groups of fin plates are welded on the tubes as heat transfer mediums. The fin can not only spoiler the smokes more but also increase heat transfer surface, its heat efficiency is 2-3 times that of regular tubes.

    Devotion intelligent controller for boiler system

    Devotion intelligent controller not only can help customers with monitoring operation of boiler and combustor but also can save operation costs.

    Gas or oil burner for boilers

    Burner is an important component in boiler system and has remarkable impact on day and night operation of boiler system. DEVOTION Boilers are good with all the world noted burners, Weishaupt, Olin, RIELLO, ELCO, RUTLI, EBICO, Baltur, to name a few.

    Low temperature ambient air source heat pump

    Heat pump of wall-mounted design effectively saves floor space. Even under -25 ° ultra-low temperature, DEVOTION heat pump still can realize strong hot start, to make the winter is no longer cold.  Suitable for homes, villas, offices and other places to meet the heating and cooling needs.

    Low temperature ambient air source heat pump

    Devotion heat pump, a combo for heating and cooling, double functions bring double enjoyment.

    Incorporated with internationally renowned brands such as Copeland® to ensure DEVOTION Heat Pump is of superior quality and deliver more comforts to your places.

    Suitable for homes, villas, hotels, and other places , meeting needs for both heating and cooling.

    Low temperature ambient air source heat pump

    Devotion air-sourced heat pump, by making use of Schneider® and other internationally renowned brands of electrical components, makes the heat pump more stable and safer to operate.

    Suitable for residential and office premises with only 220V supply voltage.

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Produits chauds
  • Fabricant de chaudière à vapeur industrielle

    Chaudières à vapeur horizontales à gaz

    Série DEVOTION WNS Chaudières à vapeur à gaz sont des chaudières à combustion interne, à trois passes et à enveloppe humide. Puissance nominale (tonne / heure): 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15,20 Un design personnalisé est disponible.

  • Chaudières à vapeur verticales à gaz ou à mazout

    Chaudière à vapeur verticale

    Dévotion LSS Chaudières à vapeur verticales sont disponibles à moins de 2 tonnes par heure. Le débit de vapeur nominal varie entre 0,3, 0,5, 0,75, 1,0, 1,5 et 2 tonnes par heure Applicable avec le mazout léger, le mazout lourd, le gaz naturel et le GPL Features: small footprint, easy to install, small water volume and quick start-up

  • wns chaudière à mazout produisant de la vapeur pour les usines

    wns horizontales chaudières à vapeur au mazout

    dévouement chaudières à vapeur d'huile sont rentables, fiables et supportables grâce à la structure de wetback à trois passages testée au niveau international et à la chambre de combustion inférieure. disponible avec des capacités de 0,5 tph à 20 tph. type de carburant: diesel léger, pétrole lourd, gaz naturel, GPL En option avec le système iol, le fonctionnement de la chaudière est plus efficace, plus économique et plus sûr.

  • Chaudières à vapeur et à eau chaude

    Tube d'eau Chaudières à vapeur ou à eau chaude

    Pour tube d'eau Eau chaude Chaudières de capacité supérieure à 10 tonnes par heure et pression supérieure à 1,6 MPa, Devotion SZS Chaudières à tubes d'eau sont recommandés. Dévotion szs Chaudières à tubes d'eau comprendre: Chaudières à vapeur saturée Chaudières à vapeur surchauffées Chaudières à eau chaude

  • Autoclaves utilisés pour le durcissement à la vapeur


    application de l'autoclave l'autoclave est un grand équipement de cuisson à la vapeur. Il peut être utilisé pour les briques de sable polymérisant à la vapeur, les briques volantes, les blocs de béton cellulaire, les poteaux électriques à haute résistance, les pieux en béton et autres produits en ciment. En outre, il peut également être utilisé pour le bois, l'industrie pharmaceutique, l'industrie chimique, le verre, les matériaux d'isolation et les industries de transformation du filet de pêche.

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